CM Geomatics is a leading provider of outsourced processing solutions for the marine and offshore wind farm industries. CM Geomatics are based in the UK with consultants located around the globe.

CM Geomatics are headquartered in Taunton with off-site cloud and datacentre
facilities based at the world famous Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.


CM Geomatics’ challenge was twofold:

The challenge for CM Geomatics lies in the processing
demands for marine survey data. Proprietary software is
expensive, and data sets are large – costs were high for
bringing scientists / geophysicists to the office, but
necessary due to worries around data-security, licensing
costs and the need for collaboration.

CM Geomatics hoped to reduce the cost of managing
their own on-site IT (with occasional cloud usage) and
replace it with a secure, fully managed system.

This would allow them to control the cost of the services,
reduce travel, manage version control, and allow their
team to securely access the data and applications



The team at BILDr have decades of experience in building out
innovative solutions to challenging problems.
Those faced by CM Geomatics are common within the industry and for many other distributed organisations in the UK and beyond.
CTO and founder Tony Redfearn says “The problem was not just finding the right technical solution, but working with CM
Geomatics to understand how to adapt their processes and
reduce the increasing cost of their systems and people”.

Tony and the team at BILDr spent time with both the CM
Geomatics management and key users.
The objective was to work together to build a system that
could satisfy the performance objectives and stay within a
strict budget.
“The pre-sales engagement was important” says Dave Cullen, the MD of CM Geomatics. “Tony and his team spent time understanding our needs and listening carefully”.

BILDr built a GPU accelerated private cloud based on NVIDIA

The platform offered an improved performance on their cloud-based systems and addressed one of their biggest complaints, being the lack of control with an un-managed

Dave Cullen, MD CM Geomatics.

“The original timeframe for a solution was six months. BILDr delivered a working platform in four.”


By building out a private platform, tested in collaboration with the Geophysicists at CM, BILDr managed to
do the following:


CM Geomatics were able to immediately see a reduction in their costs and were able to offer a ready-made package to their consultants that
increased their productivity.
CM Geomatics also benefited from the capability to back up
between two sites. With each site providing a mirror
of the client data.
This meant that CM Geomatics mitigate the loss of data in a
catastrophic event. In simple terms, if a site went
down, they could continue processing the data.

Over time CM Geomatics expect to improve their collaboration further as features are added to the BILDr cloud. It also opens up additional revenue
streams for CM Geomatics, allowing them to offer additional services to their end user.

“We reduced our data processing time and our costs were lower by around 27%”

– Mike Caraher, CM Geomatics

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